Yoga to Go 

"Julia has a rare generosity of spirit, which, combined with her deep knowledge of yoga and the mechanics of the body mean that she has an exquisite ability to really tune into my yoga practice. As well as steadily improving my yoga skills, every session with Julia is a transformative experience in itself, leaving me feeling energised and creative for days afterwards." - Alex, Yoga to Go client 

Take your practice with you, wherever you are. Yoga to go is a new way to develop a home practice with support. 

I'll work with you to create a bespoke home practice, designed for your body and mind, at this moment, on your unique path. Schedule top-ups when it suits you. 

Get your yoga to go if you: 

  • Travel frequently and want to have a reliable practice for when you're on the road 

  • Are a parent of young children and can't always make it to a studio 

  • Are interested in developing your self-practice and could use some support 

  • Want to practice intelligently, in a way that's tailored for your mind and body

  • Want to know you're doing things right (get feedback you can't get online)

  • Would like to know some simple meditations you can do on your own 

  • Would like a complement to your favourite studio

  • Want something more personalized than YouTube yoga videos 








How it works: 

  • Choose the length, type of practice and price that's right for you. I offer 30 min or 1 hour practices, and any combination of asana (yoga poses), movement and meditation. 

  • Each practice is taught to you in person. You will also receive a PDF and short summary video to help you remember and work with the sequence. 

  • I can travel to you in Zones 1-3, unless you choose the subsidised rate and then you agree to come to my home studio. I can host at my home studio if that's helpful to you. 

  • Yoga to Go is on a sliding scale price range on an honour system. 

    • Rates ​

      • Pay it forward rate (subsidises others) 1 hr practice ​£350 

      • Pay it forward rate (subsidises others) 30 min practice £300 

      • Full rate (for those making ends meet easily) 1 hr practice £225 

      • Full rate (for those making ends meet easily) 30 min practice £175 

      • Subsidised rate (for anyone who needs it for any reason) 30 min practice £75 

  • Book via the intake form 

  • I'll follow up within 3 days to talk through your intentions and schedule your session  

  • Schedule top-ups straightaway or as it suits you 




"I love my practice more all the time and even sneak parts of it into my practice in regular classes" - Angela, Yoga to Go client