Yoga to Go 

"Julia has a rare generosity of spirit, which, combined with her deep knowledge of yoga and the mechanics of the body mean that she has an exquisite ability to really tune into my yoga practice. As well as steadily improving my yoga skills, every session with Julia is a transformative experience in itself, leaving me feeling energised and creative for days afterwards." - Alex, Yoga to Go client 

Take your practice with you, wherever you are. YogaToGo is a new way to develop a home practice -- with support. 

I'll create a bespoke sequence of asanas (poses) and (optional) meditations, designed for your body and mind. Schedule top-ups when it suits you. 

Why do YogaToGo? 

  • It's a personal practice you can do safely at home during the pandemic

  • It's not dependent on Zoom or studio class times - great if you are a parent of young children or have irregular work hours

  • Practice intelligently and safely, coached by an experienced teacher 

  • Much more personalized than YouTube yoga videos. Like a yoga coach. 






How it works 

  • Fill out the intake form and book your practice (use the button below).  

  • You receive:

    • a call to talk through your intentions for mind, body, spirit

    • an in-person (or online) private session (1 hour for a 30 min practice, 1.5 hours for a 1 hr practice) 

    • Private video link to your sequence

  • Rates

    • 1 hr practice ​£200 

    • 30 min practice £110





"I love my practice more all the time and even sneak parts of it into my practice in regular classes" - Angela, Yoga to Go client