My own research centres modes of being in time that might result in anti-capitalist practice + performance.


I also see these as modes of being-in-time that create space for tuning into the physical world, an immersion in the world and bodies around us, which was Antonio Negri’s ‘first step to anti-capitalist art’.

Friendship and collaboration are also central to my research. 

This page tracks experiments and includes video, image, writing. 

Artistic Update (recording of Zoom sharing)
is a piece of research into waiting, maintenance, patriarchy, corporate language and bread dough. I am currently transforming this research into a hybrid live/Zoom performance. 

*drawing on Lisa Baraitser's Enduring Time, made with Florence Peake as part of MFA research. 

Nina and Julia and Clay 
A fresh collaboration with sculptor Nina Gerada exploring dance and sculpture, the female body and the temporary yet ancient material terra cotta.  Playing with negative space, two-body-pinch-pots and shapes left behind.